Will of a Champion

With the NBA season approaching I am reminded of what we WITNESSED during the 2015-2016 NBA Finals. In 2003 an 18 year old kid was drafted by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and vowed to one day bring a Championship to his city. 13 years later this dream and promised manifested by one of the most heroic performances in NBA history. LeBron James led BOTH teams in every statistical category (points, assists, blocks, rebounds, steals)…

The Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves down 3-1 against the most winningest team in NBA history. This task would require not only skill and preparation, but the WILL of a champion…What LeBron and the Cavaliers accomplished by defeating the Golden State Warriors is what every Hollywood movie script tries to capture. LeBron James heard the critics say he had lost a step at 31 years old, he understood that Cleveland hadn’t won a sports championship in 55 years, and he recognized that everyone outside the Cavs locker room had counted them out. The beauty of this comeback is how we can apply it to our lives. Regardless of who doesn’t believe in you or your dreams, you MUST always allow your inner fire to burn…NEVER accept the fears and limitations of others thinking…History belongs to the brave. Be bold, brave, and fearless in the pursuit of your goals…

The Cavaliers ignored the box score, and realized that making history would require an internal journey. The journey was towards a deeper level of FOCUS. To WILL yourself into anything, you MUST FOCUS. While others are focusing on what cannot or has not been done, you will be busy conspiring with the Universe to create it…

“God will not have his work manifested by cowards” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Don’t watch the clock, do what it does, keep going” Sam Levenson

ShoMari Payne M.S,CSCS



There is immense power in our ability to make and commit to our decisions. When we consistently exercise our power to make decisions we become the architects of our futures. Many of us have made settlements in life and have fallen victim to the personal POWER of others. When this happens we allow others to quietly suppress our power to dream and manifest.

 It is imperative that you cultivate an environment that supports your growth. For plants to grow they MUST be in a nurturing environment. This is our clue from the universe that we must also sacrifice relationships, friendships, and environments that DO NOT fuel our growth. I decided long ago, that I would rather hang with dead men (authors, philosophers) than to carry dead weight…I have spent many nights with my dear friends Napoleon Hill, Raymond Holliwell, and Stephen Covey. In their books I find a powerful piece of their consciousness that I read and reread during times of confusion or chaos. Find yourself a team of authors who can accelerate your growth, and strengthen your ability to dream and manifest.

“Others will impose their own fears and limits on you, especially when you are doing something that is beyond what they believe to be possible” Howard Falco – Time in A Bottle

“Download the consciousness of those people who have gone before you” Tai Lopez

ShoMari Payne M.S, CSCS

Is it Time?

During some point in life we find ourselves wandering between the hands of time, in a state of pergatory…We aren’t pursuing the best versions of ourselves but aren’t allowing decay to completely dictate our lives either…Ive been reading, Time in a Bottle by Howard Falco, and he explains how time either collapses(decreases) or expands(increases) in route towards goal actualization…

Time is Relative to Intention

Anything we want in life demands clear and focused intention to collapse the time gap we experience. We are literally the only person in control of how long it will be before we EXPERIENCE our dreams…To achieve our goals faster we must awaken to our role in the delay. We must decide, commit, act, and manifestation will follow. The universe will then begin to conspire with us to ensure we receive that for which we seek, because we are now operating in accordance with nature and follow these universal principles. Until then our dreams will remain in the dream realm…

“There is a price to pay for remaining in a stage of ignorance. That price is found in time and suffering”

ShoMari Payne M.S, CSCS

Take a chance

My good friend who I consider a big brother graduated from Law School in D.C just a few weeks back. Our friendship began in the first grade and has sustained the test of time. Tony is the kind of friend you never want to lose. He garnered support from across the country to witness his remarkable accomplishment. It wasn’t long ago we were fresh college graduates discontent with the post-recession job market left to us. We found ourselves working together at a call-center back in our hometown Dayton, OH for $11 bucks an hour with Bachelor degrees. Unable to find jobs that suited our dreams, intellect, budgets, or passions. I can recall being unmotivated by the sheer set up of the place(like Neos job on the matrix). 

One day I was particularly frustrated with my job position and couldn’t take one more complaint regarding a Wal-Mart credit card application and made myself unavailable for calls. I walked to Tony’s desk to shoot the breeze and he was handling a customer with his usual smoothness while intently reading some thick book. The book was an LSAT study guide and immediately I was reminded of how relentless my childhood friend really was. As those around us had succumb to the circumstances of the times, he decided to plant a seed that would manifest itself years later. We would often joke about how many calls we would have to take to retire out of that place, it was well into the millions. I share this story in hopes to awaken the sleeping giant that lies within you. Albert Einstein once said, “The thinking that has brought me this far has created some problems that this thinking can’t solve”. Where others lied dormant and decided to stay stubborn to old choices, Tony realized that swimming upstream was the only choice. The answers to the problems in our lives are not found in the comfortability in our cubicle. They are not inside the crevices of our couch, or in the complacency in our conversations. The answers we seek are found outside our comfort zone. Nothing grows that is not stretched. See yourself beyond your circumstances, just as my big brother did, and one day your circumstances will reflect that chance you took. My brother represents growth, determination, grit, resilience, and most of all taking a chance on himself.

“Step out of your current story and into another” ShoMari Payne, M.S, CSCS


You have heard it time and time again, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Consider this a friendly reminder that your vision is your most prized possession. Raymond Holliwell in the book Working With The Law poses this question,”Why did man live so long with the horse and carriage, because HE COULD NOT IMAGINE IT”… 

Your imagination is the elusive key that will unlock the deepest desires of your heart. Align your thinking with your goals and manifestation is a natural consequence. First With-In(mental realm), then With-Out(physical realm). Change your thinking and you WILL change your life. The universe is a reflection of our state of consciousness, it is fluid, not a fixed manifestation. Use your thoughts to transform your life positively, become the conductor of your consciousness. See challenges as opportunities, and understand that adversity introduces a person to them self.

“Nothing is neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so” Shakespeare… 

Whatever situation you may find yourself in, you must understand two important principles. 

1. It is not a permanent state

2. View adversity as an opportunity

ShoMari Payne, M.S, CSCS

Why TRX Training?

TRX Suspension Training is not one of those fitness gimmicks advertised for 3 easy payments of $19.99, it’s the real deal. TRX Suspension trainer was invented by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick when he needed a way for his SEALS to stay in shape while out for combat.

Suspension training allows the user to improve movement patterns, engage their core on every exercise, improve metabolic conditioning, and is great for anyone from children, elderly, to world-class athletes.
The key to TRX is you control the resistance by adjusting your body angle on the movement.TRX suspension training allows you to seamlessly maneuver between exercises, and is a great way to target muscles that are difficult to attack with traditional machines or exercises. TRX workouts are fast, effective, and POWERFUL!

  • Spice up your current routine
  • Drastically improve core strength
  • Combine Strength & Flexibility & Balance
  • Challenge your current exercise limitations

I challenge you to incorporate TRX training into your traditional exercise program, you will be instantly amazed by its functionality.

ShoMari Payne, M.S, CSCS

Grit II

Revisiting the topic of grit I would be remiss not to share a piece of my own personal experience with this powerful concept. The true irony in captivity is that one is truly forced to channel their thoughts, yet the consciousness to tap into such disciplined thinking may or may not have risen otherwise.
My childhood is characterized by two words “Humble Beginnings”. I have often questioned why God placed me in such difficult circumstances. As a child I often heard cliche phrases such as, “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors” or ” The Lord won’t put more on you than you can bare”. These are powerful statements but mean very little to an 8 year old boy sleeping on the floor, hungry, in a filthy house overrun by mice and roaches. What I have learned is that if it were not for my grit, I would have succumbed to my circumstances and became the product my oppressor had intended. The timeless author Raymond Holliwell stated, “Because some people do not see an abundance around them and do not enjoy plenty is evidence, in their blindness plenty does not exist”. This excerpt comes from his classic book, ” Working with the Law”. He further questions whether seeing is believing or vice versa. Les Brown a famous speaker once said, ” A rut is always a mental one before a physical one”. This statements help caption what was taking place in my childhood. I was surrounded by poverty and oppression, so my thoughts subconsciously drifted along these currents. It was not until I saw myself beyond my current circumstances that my vision of myself grew, that I developed my plan to pursue college and a productive life.
My charge to anyone who is questioning their circumstances and why God would place/leave you there is this, ” Adversity introduces a man to himself”. I never knew resilience, creativity, intelligence, focus, and grit until I THOUGHT my way into a new life and a more positive set of circumstances. You are the sum total of your thoughts. We can’t help where we are born, who are parents are, how much money they make, whether they will love us, our ethnicity, and so many other factors that effect our starting place in the race of life. But life truly begins when you realize you are only racing against yourself.
Grit – Passion and perseverance for very long term goals…


Shomari Payne, M.S, CSCS