Why TRX Training?

TRX Suspension Training is not one of those fitness gimmicks advertised for 3 easy payments of $19.99, it’s the real deal. TRX Suspension trainer was invented by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick when he needed a way for his SEALS to stay in shape while out for combat.

Suspension training allows the user to improve movement patterns, engage their core on every exercise, improve metabolic conditioning, and is great for anyone from children, elderly, to world-class athletes.
The key to TRX is you control the resistance by adjusting your body angle on the movement.TRX suspension training allows you to seamlessly maneuver between exercises, and is a great way to target muscles that are difficult to attack with traditional machines or exercises. TRX workouts are fast, effective, and POWERFUL!

  • Spice up your current routine
  • Drastically improve core strength
  • Combine Strength & Flexibility & Balance
  • Challenge your current exercise limitations

I challenge you to incorporate TRX training into your traditional exercise program, you will be instantly amazed by its functionality.

ShoMari Payne, M.S, CSCS